Santorini experiences that inspire - AKRA SUITES

Santorini experiences that inspire

AKRA SUITES was never meant to be a mere holiday accommodation proposal; ever since its original concept, AKRA SUITES was intended as a wholesome destination for unforgettable holidays.
Are you looking for Adventure? - AKRA SUITES

Are you looking for Adventure?

An island as exciting as Santorini is writhing with activities that reflect its beauty and unique character.
Wine Tours & Tastings - AKRA SUITES

Wine Tours & Tastings

What made Santorini truly famous worldwide is the luscious tastes of the wines cultivated here; thanks to the volcanic soil and the fact that vines here grow with no other watering than the morning mist, the wines produced are bright and dazzling.
AKRA SUITES Private Dining
Your nights in Santorini are cherished moments best spend with your loved ones, and AKRA RESTAURANT is just the place to make these nights unbelievably romantic.
The Exclusive AKRA SUITES Experiences - AKRA SUITES
The Exclusive AKRA SUITES Experiences
Thoughtful and extensive, the AKRA SUITES experiences are meant to cover all your holiday needs when staying in Imerovigli and Santorini.
Island Tours - AKRA SUITES
Island Tours
What is the best way to explore the majestic island of Santorini? How to best go about looking for the distinct beauty, the tastes and aromas, the sensations that will capture your heart and make you a devotee forever?
Honeymoon Ideas - AKRA SUITES
Honeymoon Ideas
Above all else, Santorini is a truly romantic island in its core, and it continuously attracts enamoured couples and honeymooners in impressive numbers.
Sunset Spots - AKRA SUITES
Sunset Spots
Santorini and the sunset go hand-in-hand; this island rightfully earns the title for the best sunsets, and you will instantly understand this the moment you admire your first Santorinian sunset.
Private Sailing - AKRA SUITES
Private Sailing
Want a touch of Luxury? The eternally blue Aegean opens up before you; the sea beckons you to explore all its hidden treasures.
Helicopter Tour - AKRA SUITES
Helicopter Tour
Admire Santorini for a unique perspective and admire Aegean's most precious gem from above, onboard a helicopter tour. This is perhaps the most unusual way of sightseeing, and the most exhilarating!
Cooking Class - AKRA SUITES
Cooking Class
Take your exquisite gastronomic experience of Santorini one step further and learn how to cook like a local!