Time to unwind


Holidays are all about relaxing and taking care of ourselves, about escaping the strenuous day-to-day and devoting some precious time to our wellness. The AKRA SUITES Spa was designed with just that aim in mind, to help revitalize your body and mind in a soothing and welcoming environment, a spot where balance, exercise and calmness unite. Lush aromas and smooth textures envelop you in a sensational experience, reality seizes to exist and your deep, absolute relaxation is the only thing that matters.


Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend pre-booking your treatment, or giving us a call in advance, as our therapists/facilities may not always be available.

Beauty therapies and treatments for the ultimate relaxation

Step into the immersive experience of AKRA SUITES’ Spa, breathe in and let go… our experienced therapists will take care of everything else. From lush facial and skincare beauty products inspired by the healing powers of nature to utterly indulgent massages and therapeutic rituals from around the world, in the hands of our skilled wellness professionals, you will discover a new world of beauty, fitness and rejuvenation, a world where your all your senses are invigorated and a brand new you is waiting to emerge. Make an appointment now and prepare to bring your best self forth!
Relaxing Spa Lounge - AKRA SUITES

Relaxing Spa Lounge

Highly recommended for ultimate relaxation prior/after your treatment.
Letting go of all the stresses of everyday is fundamental. The dry heat boosts blood flow, allowing you to feel rejuvenated and sleep better than ever.
Byzantine Hammam - AKRA SUITES
Byzantine Hammam
Hammams are known to kill bacteria and boost your immunity. With each session, you will feel your skin becoming nourished and hydrated. You will feel revitalized and rejuvenated.
Indoor Hot Pool with Jacuzzi and Soothing Waterfalls - AKRA SUITES
Indoor Hot Pool with Jacuzzi and Soothing Waterfalls
It has been a long, sunny day and soaking in a hot pool may be just the therapy you need to unwind and escape.
Cold Plunge Pool - AKRA SUITES
Cold Plunge Pool
The refreshing effects of cold water immersion will leave you rejuvenated. Cold plunge pools are used to reduce muscle inflammation and boost injury and recovery time.
Massage/Therapy Rooms - AKRA SUITES
Massage/Therapy Rooms

Each of our treatments rooms provides the perfect space and mood for customized therapies and for you to achieve the state of deep relaxation, completely rebalanced and re-energized.

Relax completely and release emotional and physical blockages with a Reiki Session.

Beauty & Hair Salon - AKRA SUITES
Beauty & Hair Salon
Look and feel your finest with hairstyling, manicures and pedicures.
All you need is to Relax?
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AKRA SPA Experience

A realm where tranquillity reigns; a haven inspired by the sun and the sea of Santorini; an indulging experience revolving around your wellness. When it comes to harmony of body and mind, in AKRA SPA you will find exactly what you were dreaming of for your summer holidays; a heavenly spot where all else is left behind and relaxation comes aplenty. The highly experienced therapists of AKRA SPA will help you select just the right therapies, the ideal products and the most suitable wellness ritual to beast fit your mood and your body’s needs. All you have to do is let go and relax, and the soothing powers of Santorini and AKRA SPA will do the rest!


Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend pre-booking your treatment, or giving us a call in advance, as our therapists/facilities may not always be available.