Time to unwind


Holidays are all about relaxing and taking care of ourselves, about escaping the strenuous day-to-day and devoting some precious time to our wellness. The Akra Suites Spa was designed with just that aim in mind, to help revitalize your body and mind in a soothing and welcoming environment, a spot where balance, exercise and calmness unite. Lush aromas and smooth textures envelop you in a sensational experience, reality seizes to exist and your deep, absolute relaxation is the only thing that matters.

Beauty therapies and treatments for the ultimate relaxation

Step into the immersive experience of AKRA SUITES’ Spa, breathe in and let go… our experienced therapists will take care of everything else. From lush facial and skincare beauty products inspired by the healing powers of nature to utterly indulgent massages and therapeutic rituals from around the world, in the hands of our skilled wellness professionals, you will discover a new world of beauty, fitness and rejuvenation, a world where your all your senses are invigorated and a brand new you is waiting to emerge. Make an appointment now and prepare to bring your best self forth!

The AKRA SUITES Spa features:

  • Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Byzantine hammam
  • Cryotherapy / Cold plunge therapy pool
  • Treatment Room
  • Gym
All you need is to Relax?
AKRA SPA Experience
A realm where tranquillity reigns; a haven inspired by the sun and the sea of Santorini; an indulging experience revolving around your wellness. When it comes to harmony of body and mind, in AKRA SPA you will find exactly what you were dreaming of for your summer holidays; a heavenly spot where all else is left behind and relaxation comes aplenty. The highly experienced therapists of AKRA SPA will help you select just the right therapies, the ideal products and the most suitable wellness ritual to beast fit your mood and your body’s needs. All you have to do is let go and relax, and the soothing powers of Santorini and AKRA SPA will do the rest!
Private Recreational Sessions
Keeping up with your fitness routine may be a bit of a challenge when on holidays. But there is something about Santorini’s energy, a fundamental rousing vibe that refreshes and inspires. Our superb Fitness Room blends harmoniously with this vibe, calling you to action! You are welcome to use our fitness facilities throughout the day, whereas a dedicated team of professional personal trainers is available to you – upon request – for private Yoga, Pilates and other training sessions. Just notify the Akra Spa front desk or our concierge for the personal trainer services you require and rest assured that your Santorinian holidays will keep you fit and energized.